“Dear Mr. Latas,

I just wanted to write and express my sincerest gratitude for helping me get past my fears and self-limiting doubts.  Honestly, I tried for years to lose weight and get back in shape after having kids.  The way you explained nutrition and fitness made so much more sense to me.  I can’t believe I lost 40 lbs!! This is the best I’ve felt in my life!  Thank you!”

Jennifer K.

Provo, UT


“Hi Jason,

Thanks so much for your help in getting me to have a better perspective on my health.  Small changes DO make a big difference in my overall health.  Thanks to you, I’ve quit the soda and am already feeling a difference in my energy levels.  I love the workouts you’ve designed and am motivated to keep going to losing the last 15 pounds.   Thanks again.”

Carlin L.

Provo, UT


I’ve learned so much in just the short time I worked with Jason in accomplishing my goal of getting fit.  He explained fitness in a way that made perfect sense.  Now instead of just going through the motions in the gym, I actually focus on what I’m doing and I understand how the whole process of building and toning muscle works.  The other day, my 9 year old son noticed my biceps and asked me over and over again to flex my “big muscles”.  My son bragged to his friends that his mom has muscles now.  It made me feel great.

Julie C.

Provo, UT


“To even begin to capture the adventures we have been on together, the personal growth from each adventure, the spiritualness of being immersed in nature, and the friendship we have developed would take tens of pages to describe. Needless to say it has been a spiritual bath for my soul and opened a whole new world for me.

I feel like I’ve been dipped in the vat of life!!!


Tim M

Patent Attorney, Maui Hawaii


Aloha Dear Kindhearted Jason,

An ocean of thanks will never express all of the gratitude that I feel for all your help and Aloha!

You are a rare and noble man. May God bless you each and every day!

You will long be remembered for your kokua and malama!

With warmest Aloha,

Lani S

Business owner, Maui Hawaii



I want thank you for your pure heart and willingness to help me – you were the only one who did…and it was straight from the heart! You are a good man! 

 Thank you,

Kent, Medical engineer, Utah


Jason Latas has changed my life and inspired my business TWICE!

I am a small business owner and I specialize in investment real estate. He gave me much needed advice on my business that seemed so obvious to me that I was ashamed I hadn’t thought of it before! I made those few changes and suddenly my business took off and within a year I began making 6 figures, which was the most I had ever made in my life!

Jason, I don’t really know how to repay you for your help in my life.

Thanks, you are truly an Awesome Man!

Aaron, Real Estate Investor, West Jordan Utah


Jason helped me to see that I could become a homeowner and stop renting and throwing my money away! I no longer pay rent and live a in a beautiful new home and I am on my way to understanding and building my new net worth!!! What I thought was success was just an image of what others were doing… Now I have my own path to follow and am growing in new ways every day!!!

Thanks Jason, I owe it all to you!

MG, Single Mom

Ogden Utah


Aloha Jason,

You not only helped me become a better person, physically and spiritually, but you worked with my son in ways that helped him grow into a man also!

Many thanks!

Judy LA



Jason, you have helped me through a major transition in my personal and business life. It was nice to know that when I was in a really tough spot, you were always only a phone call away. You don’t know how many times you talked me through what I thought was an impossible situation! I owe my new career and peace of mind to you!

Thanks don’t do you justice!

Ron, Phx, AZ


(This was after a first meeting on the phone…)

Hi Jason,
 I must say. Things are going wonderful! I really believe that meeting with you has really helped me. I know it might sound strange but since I met with you, and just spending that hour talking out loud about what I wanted to achieve I have been able to put it in motion. I feel stronger and surer of what I am capable of. I guess, like you would say, “There are no accidents”.
I really want to thank you. You have some powerfully positive energy that surrounds you. Thank you for sharing! I truly needed it and I look forward to our next meeting!


Business owner, personal trainer and intuitionalist

Maui, Hawaii


I have had the pleasure of being coached by Jason for the last year. When we started I was grinding away at my J.O.B. (Just Above Broke) and wondering what I was doing with my life. He has been invaluable in my life and spiritual growth since then. It’s also always nice to know that I have someone to champion my dreams and support me in my journey.

I am now a top performer at my workplace and am starting my own business and will soon be able to quit my job and be my own Boss!!!


Jon, small business owner, Colorado