It isn’t just about learning on this amazing adventure.  You will have plenty of time to enjoy the Bahamas.  Choose from just a few or all of these awesome activities just waiting for you:



Our ship will be stopping in some of the most beautiful places on earth and we would love to be your guide in experiencing them.  From wandering the white sand beaches to hitting the hottest shops.  Snorkeling with the fish or cruising on top of the beautiful water on your own personal watercraft.  Whatever you feel will make your trip the best we would love to assist you in.


When it comes to dining on-board you can rest assured that you will NEVER go hungry!!  Norwegian Sky offers 2 restaurants and a buffet complimentary while you are on the ship.  You can also choose to experience one of our 3 specialty dinning restaurants or any of our 8 bar/lounges.  If an early morning pick me up is on your daily agenda swing by the Coffee Bar for your caffeine fix and a delicious pastry.  If going out is just more than you are in for you also can choose to order room service and dine in your cabin.  Like we said you definitely will not be going hungry.



When you aren’t in class you will find plenty of things to do while on the ship.  If you are looking for a relaxing activity try hanging out in one of our 3 pools (including a children’s pool), one of our 5 hot tubs, or being pampered in our spa.  We also have the Mark Twain library or the internet cafe if you are wanting to get in some reading.  Our casino provides ample opportunities for excitement or catch some entertainment in the Stardust Lounge featuring our comedy variety show.  We also have volleyball and basketball courts, a gym, and walking/jogging track on the ship.  However, if you don’t feel like hitting the gym for some exercise you can just get some in walking around the stores in our Galleria.  There will never be a dull moment, unless of course you want there to be.
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