On May 5th 2017 Summer Body Cruises will be setting sail on an incredible educational experience designed to radically change the way you view personal health and Wellness! With expert, Jason Latas, at the helm you will learn how getting back in shape and feeling good in your skin again is actually easier than you think. Most of us were raised with the “no pain, no gain” approach to health and fitness. But Jason believes in working with, not against your body and learning to partner with your body to co-create the life you deserve…

“It’s easier than you think” says Jason


A few things you will learn:

  • Learn your own unique body composition and what it means
    • *Everyone will get their own chart to take home
  • Foods to enjoy and foods to avoid for your body type
  • Food polarity and how it affects your moods
  • How losing weight is easier than you think
  • How stress and hormones effect your efforts
  • Meditation and enjoying the journey
  • Cleansing at a cellular level for life extension
  • How to heal your metabolism and start burning hot again
  • How to create a plan for your unique situation

*Everyone will go home with a usable plan for their unique needs



This training will be offered aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines 4 Night Bahamas Cruise.  This unique experience will immerse you in a relaxing atmosphere so that you can absorb the training material at an increased rate.  Training will be held each day but will still allow you to experience the Bahamas and make the most of the beautiful ship and all it has to offer.




If you are serious about taking your fitness goals to the next level you will not want to miss the opportunity.  Jason Latas, the creator and teacher for the course, has over 25 years of experience.  He specializes in working with entrepreneurs.  He has personally guided many fortune 500 CEO’s and major business owners on custom adventures across the globe. .  To read Jason’s full bio and credentials click here.



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